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Resistor Load Bank Mobile
Resistor Load Bank Mobile

2700 KW, 500 VDC Resistors Load Bank for submarine battery testing compact design with forced cooling

We are a company manufacturing resistors load since 1963.

Our loads are working satisfactorily in diverse industries like Defence, Transportation, Cement plant, Battery Industries, Nuclear Power Plants, etc.

We have designed and manufactured Resistor Loads upto 3MW in a single enclosure.


Our modular, strip grid design ensures compactness and better heat dissipation. Also removable sliding trays make maintenance easier.

Our design for selection of resistance alloy and their cross sections ensures better life for the load bank. Calculation of correct CFM for tubular Axial cooling fans is also a critical aspect for load design.

We use non-flammable fire resistant Teflon coated uninyvin cables for wiring to avoid fire hazards.

We also use the best quality switchgear of reputed brands like Siemens / L&T / Legrand etc.

Our loads have been working on a continuous duty operation satisfactorily and maintenance free for over 5 years in various industries including (Vertive).

We sincerely believe in giving the client a well-designed product giving priority to quality and durability.

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